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Elevate your upcoming gathering by throwing a casino party event. Of all the party themes, these get the best feedback from With a rich legacy of more than twenty years serving Tallahassee, Florida, we have experience in all types if event, catering to diverse occasions including fundraisers, corporate soirées, and social gatherings. Our team excels in creating seamless setups, problem free event s where the host can focus on their night while we do our job behind the scenes.

Our comprehensive casino rentals ensure no detail is overlooked. Regardless of whether you are hosting a smaller party of 30 or a large gathering of 300, we possess the resources to meet your demands. Our inventory spans beyond the crucial casino tables, extending to experienced dealers who proficiently oversee the games. If you have special request for your party, just pick up the phone and we can let you know if we are able to accommodate you.

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Our casino rentals are full-service – we have everything you need and take care of all the arrangements. Whether you’re planning a party for 30 friends or 400 colleagues or guests, we can handle your needs. 

How Do I Plan a Casino Night in Tallahassee?

If you are planning on having a casino party in Tallahassee, simply give us a call.We have enough experience to instantly answer almost any of your questions, saving you time. We are good at understanding which games and events work best for which event types and can guide you to the bet party for your budget. At Alliance Game Rentals, we specialize in navigating the planning process, so you can enjoy the event also.

Casino Party Venues in Tallahassee

Tallahassee boasts a plethora of great venues for hosting a party. Here are a few standout selections:
Capital Plaza Hotel: 

Positioned conveniently, the Capital Plaza Hotel stands as an optimal choice for corporate gatherings. The venue showcases soaring ceilings, striking chandeliers, and versatile spaces for events, inclusive of a fully stocked bar. Engage with our team to explore setup possibilities at this remarkable venue.
Cascade Park Pavilion: 

Offering an alternative ambiance, the Cascade Park Pavilion encapsulates a community-centric vibe suitable for economical fundraisers or social events. With high ceilings, resilient flooring, a stage, and kitchen amenities, this venue marries charm with practicality.

Rely on these outstanding venues, synergized with our superior casino rentals and services, to curate an unforgettable casino night in Tallahassee, Florida. Entrust us to steer the logistical intricacies while you immerse yourself in the celebration.
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