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The magic word here is “Interactive”! For decades our clients have turned to us for interactive events that bring their groups together, challenge their competitive nature and most of all, make it FUN!!!

Our extensive game list includes something for everyone, guaranteed! Our selection includes everything from classic arcade games and driving simulators, to the latest consoles with virtual reality, to our vintage bar and pub-style table games. These are all high quality, commercial grade tables and games for your guests to enjoy.

Double-down on the Magic for Your Next Event

  • Virtual Reality

    Oculus Virtual Reality System is the newest advancement in video games. We offer VR Racing Complete with a racing seat and steering wheel. We also offer several other VR games from sports to puzzles to fighting and shooting games.

    Play Station 4

    Play Station 4 -- Our Playstation 4 setup is perfect for your competitive side. Choose from several sports games including Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, Formula 1 Racing and more. You can even upgrade to our VR Package!
  • Nascar racing

    Ever wanted to race against your friends? With our pair of Nascar simulators, now you can! Compete on multiple Nascar tracks, and play as your favorite driver to show off your skills.

    Rush 2049

     Racing in the future-what a RUSH! Everything about these racing simulators is high tech and high adrenaline.
  • Cruisin' USA

    Race through town and country at breathtaking speeds! Watch out for obstacles and competition, cause this fast-paced action is going down to the wire.

    Cruisin' Exotica

    Here is the simulator with all the bells and whistles. Great new cars and courses that are sure to challenge even the best gamer.
  • Hydro  Thunder

    The greatest off-road, four-wheeler fun you have ever had! Choose from multiple driving machines and several exciting and challenging courses.

    Off Road Challenge

    The greatest off-road, four-wheeler fun you have ever had! Choose from multiple driving machines and several exciting and challenging courses.
  • Fast &N Furious

    More high-speed thrills from the creators of the Cruisin’ USA sims! Choose from 12 action-packed tracks and 17 tricked-out rides!

    Arctic Thunder

    This snowmobile shootout racer features amazing jumps, secret short-cuts, hair raising free-fall jumps and awesome power-ups! It’s a serious Arctic blast!

Arcade Classics Engage Your Audience

  • Golden Tee Gold 

    Golden Tee Golf offers players a more laid back video golf experience without taking away the competitive factor that has made Golden Tee the arcade staple it is today.

    50-IN-1 Multicade

    We now offer 50-in-1 Multicade Arcade machines for your enjoyment. Dozens of top vintage arcade games are included. Pac-Man, Centipede, Asteroids, and so many more.

  • Ninentendo Wii

    Ninentendo Wii -- Our Wii system package includes the interactive console system, preselected games and a 42” HD Monitor.

    Arcade Classics

    The classic arcade standup consoles you remember, like Pac-Man and Galaga! Yes, they are just as much fun as you remember!
  • Air Hockey

    What arcade night would be complete without Air Hockey? First one to 7 wins! Featuring tournament class 8′ tables.

    Micro racing 

    Up to 6 drivers compete with miniature RC Nascars racing on a big 20’ x 30’ banked oval track. This competition has all the bumping, spinouts, multiple car pileups and fast pace racing your group will love. Pedal to the Metal!

Sports Classics Score Big With Guests

  • Electronic Darts

    A Pub classic. Score is kept electronically so you can focus on that bullseye! Up to 4 players.

    9-Hole Mini Golf

    Each of the nine holes feature and 8’ long straight putt with a twist! Bumps, turns, and novelty obstacles make this a fun activity for any age group.
  • Giant Connect Four

    This giant version of a childhood classic is provides fun and challenging play for up to 4 players of any age!

    Giant Jenga 

    A classic party game, made bigger and better! Giant Jenga will be an instant hit with your guests.
  • Cornhole

    This popular yard game provides fun and challenging play for up to 4 players of any age!

    Virtual Golf Simulator

    Tee it up. Who doesn’t want to play a round of golf at the top courses just like the pros? With our Golf Simulator, you can. It has 30 courses built-in and a driving range for longest drive competitions.

Table Games are Event Favorites

  • Table Tennis

    This could be America’s favorite game of all-time. No one can resist some ping pong action!

    Pool Tables

    Rack up a game of 8-ball or 9-ball with our tournament class, single slate 8’ tables.
  • Shuffleboard

    Shuffleboard has always been one of the most popular and challenging pub favorites. Our 10; table will get this party started!

    Double Shot Basketball

    This is a great two player competition game. Using miniature basketballs and a 60 second time clock each player must sink as many baskets as possible before the time runs out. Score is kept automatically.
  • Skeeball

    This is a game known for action and skill. Two player competition that will challenge you all night!


     Join in for a game of fast-paced action. Two to Four players can play on these tournament style tables.


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